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Kevin Couliau – Devoted to the art of basketball, Kevin Couliau picked up his first camera in 2004. Through his lens, he started highlighting the game’s aesthetic for several international publications. A passion that quickly turned into a pilgrimage within the depth of playground basketball culture. Fierce advocate of film photography, Kevin has been chasing his dreams to explore and reveal this undocumented community through his independent publication Asphalt Chronicles. A unique vision that lead him to showcase his work from New York City to Manila, and most importantly, embark on a journey to co-direct and shoot the award-winning documentary Doin’ It In The Park : Pick-Up Basketball, NYC.

Through his set “The Park is My Church”, Kevin is highlighting the hallowed architecture and landscape of each playground. No matter the location, the functions are the same – physical outlet, education, social integration – but its holy dimension resides in its capacity to heal wounds, like an outdoor parlor with a hoop as the priest. In his other set entitled “Out of Bounds”, the photographer shows that the court design – through its graphic stimulus, imperfection, or time alteration – can simply reveal the intensity of the contests played or by extent the neighborhood story.


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